Safe. Easy. Non-judgmental. These are comfy places to be when considering God’s word.
However, Scripture claims to be a 2-edged sword that divides and judges the attitudes and thoughts of the heart. Steve’s articles will peel back the layers of attitudes we hold closely by digging deep into God’s Word. Steve sheds light on many topics, comparing Scripture with Scripture and takes us beyond the milk to the meat. 
Read for yourself – Be challenged, be provoked, be edified, and be comforted. You may agree or disagree but become that worthy Berean who studies the Word to see if these things are so. 
Keep checking this section as more articles will be added.


THE BIGGEST LIE What’s the biggest lie you can think of? Is it the one that says humanity evolved from apes - and before that, from a gob of goo? Or is it the claim that the world is plummeting into a climate catastrophe, and it’s all our fault? Maybe the biggest lie you can think of is the assertion that there is intelligent alien life on other planets. Honestly, that’s [...]


GETTING ISRAEL RIGHT A pastor, an atheist, a Bible class teacher, and a businessman walked into a bar…. You’re thinking this is the opening line of a joke, right? Wrong. I am the Bible class teacher, and before you get worked up about us being in a bar, it was the only part of the restaurant that had available seating. The lunch meeting was about a business matter. I knew all [...]

Woke But Not Awake

Woke But Not Awake You love your church! It’s attracting college kids and young families. It’s “on fire” and your numbers are up. Your worship band has a couple of hipster guys with tattoos and a gauge or two that used to jam with professional musicians. The old pipe organ’s been removed and replaced with "killer sound and lights." The whole stage is black now. Your teaching team is young. They [...]

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